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What does healthy air have to do with honeybees? It's a "six degrees of separation" kind of thing. OSHA industrial standards call for the use of an air quality monitor to test the presence of unhealthy elements in the air, like carbon monoxide. If work conditions require exposure to other elements in the air, like mists or fumes, the worker must wear a mask system that includes an air respirator. The use of exhaust ventilation blowers is also indispensable if gas detection meters spot any harmful gas. This may seem like enough safeguarding, but it's not. If the mask fits poorly, it's just like not wearing one at all. That's where the qualitative fit test apparatus comes in handy. In its conventional form, it allows the worker to check for fit using Isoamyl Acetate, otherwise known as banana oil. No bananas are used in the manufacturing of this oil though. It's actually an organic compound that smells like bananas and is either pure isoamyl acetate or a mixture of this with amyl acetate, nitrocellulose and other flavors. And it's a honeybee pheromone. It's true. Isoamyl acetate is a pheromone that can be used to attract large groups of honeybees. In fact, it's what the honeybees release when they sting, and the scent it gives off is what calls other bees in the area to attack the victim.

Qualitative fit test apparatus varieties

Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus

Banana oil isn't the only compound used to test fit on a respirator. All Industrial-Safety also inventories the Bitrex and the Saccharin Fit Test Kits. The former uses a bitter taste to test disposable and reusable dust and mist respirators. The latter qualitative fit test apparatus uses the sweet taste of saccharin. In addition to these kits and the selection of air quality monitor types, the respiratory health inventory includes a respirator fit tent that creates a concentrated area of qualitative fit testing, and spray socks to protect the head from overspray, among a wide range of equipment and accessories. Air quality is, fortunately, a priority. These items help industries with compliance and employee health care.

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