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Construction hard hats vs. turtle

Construction Hard Hats

What has a shell conducted from high density polyethylene, a rain trough on the sides and back to channel moisture away, universal accessory slots to fit cap mounted ear muffs and chin straps, a ratchet suspension that adjusts easily, and a soft brow pad that's washable and replaceable? No, it's not your son's pet tortoise. It's one of the many construction hard hats available at All Industrial-Safety. A lot goes into keeping workers from going soft in the head. And the ones out on the highways can't afford to; they have to stay alert, so they wear one of the many traffic safety vest models. They may not look GQ, but they definitely look SMART thanks to reflective safety vests and other protective industrial products from All Industrial-Safety

Boo: faceshields and field marking paint

Field Marking Paint

What's great for a Halloween costume, but even better for keeping your tender facial areas covered under rough conditions? No, it's not the Jason ski mask. The Black Ratchet Headgear faceshield is made of durable nylon with universal pegs and ratchet style adjustment for easy fit. And if you do have one of these hooked onto one of the sturdy construction hats at All Industrial-Safety, and you happen to have it on October 31, you'll be relieved to know you can lift it easily when the neighbor's four year old starts to shriek in fear. Its pivoting action allows you to lift the faceshield and hand out a piece of candy! You can also find field marking paint here, among many other multi-purpose safety items.

Safe! Traffic safety vest; marking paint

What comes in a cylinder, has a spray through cap, and is VOC compliant? No, not the spray whipping cream your kids love: it field marking paint. You can use it upside down. The can, not you. Anyway, it's great for marking off to get ready for projects in all sorts of venues. Make sure you have on your traffic safety vest and be on the defensive when you're out spraying the lines needed for road work. Be safe!

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