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Safety goggle types

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Any labor done during which debris or caustic substances can reach the eyes require safety goggle or safety eye glasses use. At All Industrial Safety, with its full inventory of protective industrial products, three types of goggles are available for purchase. The first, a perforated pair of goggles is provides both excellent ventilation and 99% protection from harmful ultra violet rays. In addition, this least expensive pair of goggles exceeds the ANSI high impact requirements. The Chemical Goggle looks a lot like the perforated goggles, but has vent caps to restrict the influx of liquids. Finally, the Top-Shelf goggles also protect against liquids, but the vent is more sophisticated and the body is tinted to reduce glare. Eye protection is just one of many tools made to keep work safe. The leather work glove is another item, and All Industrial carries twelve kinds.

Kevlar and the leather work glove

Leather Work Glove

In addition to Police gloves and Extrication Gloves lined with Kevlar, safety goggle supplier All Industrial carries Cold Weather Waterproof, High Visibility, Pre-Curved, Leather Palm with RT3 Insulation, and Double Palm Leather Work Glove options. Kevlar ballistic fabric is a particularly interesting development in the world of safety equipment. Made by DuPont of para-aramid fibers, it is pound for pound five times stronger than steel and thus provides amazing cut, slash and heat resistance. Poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide, or Kevlar, was discovered by Stephanie Kwolek in 1965. Kwolek and her team were charged with finding a synthetic fiber to use in tire manufacturing. Working with a class of aromatic polyamides, Kwolek and her team found the correct solvent that allowed them to spin the molecules into thread. Once they spun these threads they noticed how strong they were and immediately began testing and development.

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