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ARI Tick Stuff Aerosol Spray

Price: $6.35
Item Number: 61701
Manufacturer: ARI
Manufacturer Part No: 61701

6oz Aerosol Can, 12/case

Working in the woods is not what it use to be.  Mosquitos and biting mites have always been annoying. Now ticks have been found to carry Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, either one of these is sure to spoil your day.  A good line of defense against these critters is to spray work clothes with Permathrin. Permathrin repells and kills ticks, mosquitos and mites, getting rid of them before they can climb down your neck or into your sock.
And it remains effective up to 2 weeks. But remember, Permathrin is only for treating your clothing. Don't be spraying this stuff on your skin. 
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