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Voice Powered Communication Kit

Price: $684.00
Item Number: KK5501
Manufacturer: David Clark Company
Manufacturer Part No: KK5501

This pre-packaged Voice Powered Communications Kit provides a ready to use, easy to store, two-man communication system for Instrumentation, Linemen, Electrical Contractors, Computer Technicians, Telephone Servicemen and General Contractors. As packaged, the kit is ideal for use in pulling and pairing wires, performing continuity checks(ringing out wires), calibrating instrument readings, isolating line problems or simply providing a means of communication in a noisy environment.

Packaged in its own compact carrying case, the kit includes two each Voice Powered Headsets (H5040) and Adapter Cords(C5401), and one each 50 foot Jumper Cord(C52-50).
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