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Disposable nitrile gloves, rain suits

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Industry requires at times that the person wear something that protects the body from moisture or liquids that can harm. That's when industrial rain suits are necessary. All Industrial-Safety carries over thirty items in this category alone. In addition to such items as disposable nitrile gloves and a nice collection of safety goggle, these protective industrial products represent dedication to the safe care of the person who gets the job done, some of which are:

  • Thrifty 3 Piece Suit for light duty protection
  • Cooltex Jacket with Hood Snaps for heavy duty protection that keeps you cool and dry
  • Chemtex coverall with Attached Hood for Level C armor from chemical applications
  • Orange Rain Suit .35 mil. thick, and made of PVC
  • Protex Hood
  • Visitex Hood in Neon green for visibility
  • Economy 3 Piece Suit with 2-ply construction and .25 mil thickness

Industrial boots for warmth

Industrial Boots

Weather is a big player in some industries. Workers my face the elements, and the better their gear, the more comfortable they are and the easier it is for them to keep their minds on the job. That's why Tundra, Terri-Lites Plain Toe and Wolf Pac Plain Toe industrial boots are made to protect the feet from the cold while they shield workers from other hazards like heavy objects and chemical exposure. Speaking of which, mild chemicals can be avoided with disposable nitrile gloves, affordable, practical and effective.

Economical industrial rain suits, boots

Single or short term use is a fact of life in most industries. Once protective gear is exposed to certain toxic or caustic elements, it's lost a degree of its protective qualities. Industrial boots, fortunately last a while, but other items like industrial rain suits don't. Good thing items like the Thrifty Rain Suit can be made and purchased at a relatively low cost. It's so important to invest in safety, and at All Industrial-Safety, it's an investment you can afford.

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