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Emergency first aid kits

Emergency First Aid Kits

All Industrial-Safety carries ten portable versions of medical supplies. Not only is it enforced by OSHA and employer policy, it's just good sense to have emergency first aid kits and traffic safety vests on hand. These are affordable variations on a theme, each designed for a particular venue, and each of these protective industrial products contains the latest in stop gap meds. Some options include:

  • #10 Vehicle First Aid Kit Steel Case
  • Sports League Kit
  • National Standards School Bus Kit
  • Coast Guard Approved Life Boat Kit
  • Trauma Kit Flambeau Case
  • Three Shelf First Aid Station
  • Emergency Response Backpack

Protective industrial products, wherever you go

Protective Industrial Products

What kinds of items are considered essential when you have a medical emergency? If you are a school bus driver, you want to be sure you have adhesive strips, bandage compresses, assorted wound dressings, gauze compresses, triangular bandage, a CPR mask, scissors, a pad, a marker, and the good fortune to never need any of these items. Protective industrial products found in the #50 Kit in Weatherproof Plastic Case carry with them a sense of reassurance, which is a nice perk of emergency first aid kits. In this one are items like antiseptic wipes, cold packs, burn cream and forceps, large wound pads, rolls of adhesive tape, latex exam gloves, and much more. It contains first aid instructions too, just in case. Being ready is half the battle, after all. No one knows this as well as the Coast Guard. A first aid kit for this group of marine rescuers includes some of the items mentioned above, plus ammonia inhalants, burn gel, a tourniquet, aspirin, and a wire splint. Makes you want to stay out of the water. Either that, or it makes you feel protected when you go a-sailing. Which is another good place for a first aid kit: right there on your boat!

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