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There's a good reason All Industrial-Safety has a long page of harnesses, lanyards, and steel carabiners. Falls are both common in many industries, both indoors and out, and they are also preventable in most cases. Fall protection systems, therefore, are not to be overlooked in work that presents height and friction related dangers. Similar to the kind of air quality control that requires the intelligent use of exhaust ventilation blowers, fall prevention is one of those things that can be drastically improved with the right planning, the deliberate use of effective tools and methods, and employment policies that ensure workers are neither tired nor drugged in any way. The next time you have to go up a few stories to clean a window or repair machinery, take the necessary supplies such as a fall protection harness or other industrial safety equipments with you; everyone wants you back down here with the rest of humanity in one piece.

Wise investing: exhaust ventilation blowers

Exhaust Ventilation Blowers

It's a big investment, and it's worth every penny: the gas blower with the four stroke Honda motor is available at All Industrial-Safety. It offers portability and the added bonus of the durable Honda engine. Polyethylene housing and handle offer lightweight convenience and portability, while a sturdy metal base stabilizes this prime example of the exhaust ventilation blowers needed to keep breathing safe. It's a high quality response to a statistically proven danger: the inhalation of toxins that can cause illness or even death. Similar to falling statistics that alert employers to the need for investing in fall protection systems, these breathing-related accident statistics allow for only one response: unhesitant investment in the best ventilation equipment money can buy, and All Industrial-Safety has the inventory and service you need.

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