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Cool safety eye glasses

Safety Eye Glasses

Super handy are the V2 Readers. These are great because you are able to protect your eyes and read the small print without changing your eyewear. The lenses on these safety eye glasses are strategically placed to be out of your line of vision when you are working, and the curved lens protects those tender corners of the eye beautifully. Pull on a pair of these, protective clothing, some PVC boots or insulated steel toe boots and you're all set, keeping yourself covered where it really matters thanks to industrial safety equipments from All Industrial Safety. The Readers are available in all the basic strengths, and they look kind of cool too. That can't hurt, can it?

PVC boots and eye protection

PVC Boots

Polyvinyl chloride is a thermoplastic polymer and is a highly profitable chemical industry product. Worldwide, over half the PVC made is used in construction, and recently it's been replacing wood, concrete and clay. To make PVC softer and more flexible, plasticizers, commonly phthalates, are used sot hat it can be incorporated into flexible hoses, tubing, flooring, and even clothing and upholstery. It can be found in dielectric footwear, also called PVC boots, able to withstand 14,000 volts of AC for a minute. It's also in the Superpoly 16" Plain Toe and All Industrial, a boot that is useful when high chemical resistance is required. This boot also comes with a steel toe and, for agricultural applications, with a cleated outsole. Safety eye glasses are another useful form of protective wear used to protect the top end of things. The selection at All Industrial-Safety includes a pair of Rendezvous glasses designed to ensure comfort when you're hunting. With an adjustable nose pad, temples and lens pitch, you can be sure you'll not be distracted at a crucial moment.

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