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3M, a company that's been around for over 100 years and is well known for products like Scotch Tape manufactures the most amazing reflective tape that can be applied to the backpacks of school kids or the safety vests of our good road construction workers out there in all kinds of weather making the journey better. These passive visual warnings, the early version of which emerged in the early nineteen-forties, are composed of wide angle retroreflective lenses that are bonded to polyurethane adhesive and then backed with plastic liners and covered with white paper to protect them before and during application. Reflective safety vests are important and, combined with hard hats that utilize the latest technology, provide the best chance for our guys and gals out there among the zooming trucks and cars and heavy equipment. Here's hoping that this year the use of any road crew's portable first aid kit is opened very little, if at all. Emergency First aid kits and other similar industrial safety equipments will soon just gather dust if motorists slow down and keep a sharp eye out for construction workers.

Making portable first aid kit obsolete?

Portable First Aid Kit

It's good to remember that scientists, medical personnel, and legislators are working tirelessly to bring down the road construction accident rates. It's a well-known fact that highway, road, street, bridge, tunnel, and utility workers are exposed to dangers from both within and without the work zone. Barricades, cones, work zone signs, flagging and special wear, like reflective safety vests are all part of the solution, and there's no excuse not to have them and use them wisely. Portable first aid kit use will inevitably drop with the ongoing dedication of creative and scientific minds across the land working tirelessly to keep our road crews safe. Important organizations like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), FWHA (Federal Highway Administration), and DOTs (departments of transportation)in each of the fifty states, along with volunteer movements like MADD(Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) know this issue well, and with each passing year they are able to gradually minimize this notoriously complicated hazard.

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