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Gas detection equipment

Gas Detection Equipment

The Lumidor Minimax XT, sold by All Industrial-Safety, is a confined space air monitor device that couldn't have been imagined in the golden age of the steel industry, but today it's an effective piece of gas detection equipment. With its simple one button operation, comprehensive sensor options that pick up the levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide, in addition to its reliable, accurate readings, this relatively small air quality monitor manufactured by the people at Honeywell does a big job as one of the best gas detection meters. It also provides the following features:

  • An ultra clear backlit display
  • Effective gas alarm indication
  • Excellent EMC/RFI performance
  • Cell output decay feature

Confined space air monitor

Confined Space Air Monitor

With a name like "Lumidor Enforcer," how can you not feel confident about having reliable gas detection equipment? Because the Enforcer can help you comply easily with regulations that require the regular testing of instruments, and because it can calibrate the Impact multi-gas monitors in less than two minutes, it's the kind of confined space air monitor you'll come to rely on again and again. It's always ready to use. This is just another example of the triumph of the modern inventive spirit that's knocked down injury and fatality statistics, and you can't have too much of that. In fact, here's another, sold by All Industrial-Safety: it's called the Lumidor Minimax X4. Why? Because it's a portable monitor that can detect up to four gases simultaneously. Of rugged construction for practical, 24/7 use, this item provides the kind of reliable personal protection against hazardous gases contractors, industry employers, and private business persons will be glad they have. Plus, it's ready to go right out of the box.

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